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Tesla Short Sellers Have A Horrible Record On Tesla Production & Sales — Truly Funny Tweets


Revealed on June sixth, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

June sixth, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

It appears that evidently Tesla has had critics because the day it got here out of stealth — or earlier than that. Even CEO and co-founder Elon Musk didn’t anticipate the corporate to succeed. He simply poured his cash into it on the slim probability that it might succeed, and would thus assist humanity to avert super local weather catastrophe. In fact, he feels in a different way concerning the company now that it has succeeded than on Day 1. However this story isn’t about Elon Musk.

Those of us who have been following Tesla for a while can certainly keep in mind that the corporate was being attacked within the press, by many on Wall Road, and by auto business specialists the day we first discovered about young automaker. As I highlighted lately when launching an annual “Tesla Death Anniversary” celebration, a “Tesla Death Watch” collection kicked off on another media outlet approach back on Might 19, 2008 — 11 years ago. Every year since then — nicely, in all probability daily since then — someone somewhere has been claiming that Tesla’s demise is simply across the nook, that it’ll go bankrupt any day.

For sure, Tesla continues to be here. And the claims proceed.

Industries at risk when Tesla succeeds:
ICE automobiles
Automotive sellers
Rail and other power transportation
Auto elements
auto service
Fuel stations
Did I overlook some? You marvel why there’s so much FUD on the market.
Netflix disrupted cable, Uber disrupted cab drivers, $Tsla $NFLX $UBER

— Ross Gerber (@GerberKawasaki) June 4, 2019

Sure, for positive, many people within the oil business (together with buyers) and within the auto business (including buyers) would love to see Tesla crash & burn. Yes, for positive, many people predict Tesla’s imminent demise merely as a hope. (The facility of now?)

However in case you look back on the document of people claiming Tesla is close to its end, or no less than gained’t last for an additional 5 years, it seems actually dangerous. We do this occasionally in a Tesla Flashbacks function, nevertheless it seems others are doing it increasingly on Twitter — in some epic methods. Under are a couple of tweets I’ve just lately spotted that help to spotlight how horribly off the mark many brief sellers and critics have been.

Virtually 10 years now of $TSLAQ saying there’s a Tesla demand drawback. However every year Tesla sells extra and delivers extra automobiles than the previous yr. https://t.co/SU5AXMfUq3

— Michael (@ElectroCar) Might 31, 2019

Lifeless #DumDum strolling people!
(I do know. #babycharts is a fraud and gained’t comply with via)$TSLA
☠️💀 $TSLAQ 💀☠️ https://t.co/k0NCurIr1f

— Bark (@BarkMSmeagol) January 30, 2019

#BabyCharts #FraudWatch day 7

And the #DumDum pied piper sings his tune for all #dumdums to hear$TSLA
🥴🤡 $TSLAQ 🤡🥴 pic.twitter.com/10tWsLMH5y

— Bark (@BarkMSmeagol) February 6, 2019

#BabyCharts #FraudWatch day three

He’s still around. Nothing very fascinating or amusing to share though. Simply standard garbage. $TSLA
👶🤡 $TSLAQ 🤡👶

— Bark (@BarkMSmeagol) February 2, 2019

Found this gem whereas wanting through pics on my aircraft journey residence from vacation. $TSLA nonetheless 9x. $GM nowhere.

Keep in mind who’s giving u recommendation, @wolfejosh pic.twitter.com/IVOYF2aHqU

— ES (@EricSteiman) June 2, 2019

Flashback day:

In 2/2016 after $TSLA shares “crashed and burned” Adam Jonas downgraded and reduce his forecast to 246Okay S/X/three in 2020:

“Low demand for electric vehicles … leads us to reduce volume assumptions for the Model 3”

A few months later, ~450,000 Model three have been reserved.

— Not_an_Analyst (@facts_tesla) Might 23, 2019

In Feb. 2015, Elon Musk famously predicted that by 2025 $tsla could possibly be value $700B

Was based mostly on revenues growing 50%/yr, and 10% internet margin and P/E of 20 in 2025

Elon was referred to as insane. https://t.co/L5jKwMZmBs

4.25 years later, revenues have grown 60%/Y, forward of target

— Not_an_Analyst (@facts_tesla) Might 20, 2019

Take a look at that cute babygigafactory from 2016!!!😍
👶🏭 pic.twitter.com/oIKEIpWFwQ

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 29, 2019


Hey @markbspiegel , about that large electrical competition in 2016-18… 🤔🤭 pic.twitter.com/m38AmHxA9S

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 27, 2019


Just another $TSLA prediction from 2015.🤭 pic.twitter.com/9f9hvJz9oy

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 29, 2019


Hey @WPipperger , any replace on when the Model three gross sales will crash?

This is from June 2018: pic.twitter.com/Z6CtKGw3bH

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 6, 2019

That is from September 2018: pic.twitter.com/ikYpJ0k55a

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 6, 2019

This is from November 2018: pic.twitter.com/V0EN9f9IL3

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 6, 2019

That is from December 2018: pic.twitter.com/sHta79aRCa

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 6, 2019

This is from February 2019: pic.twitter.com/O4XKciWoaP

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 6, 2019


Hey @TeslaAgnostic , looks like Leaf with 60 kwh battery is finally out there for order. #[email protected] two years ago: pic.twitter.com/jzvuo6wyvz

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 6, 2019

THIS DAY IN $TSLAQ HISTORY:#ItsNotAFlood #[email protected] one yr ago: pic.twitter.com/tCmWhZPg4Q

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 5, 2019

The primary I-Tempo critiques have been about to return out… pic.twitter.com/hDGg1EMhNi

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 4, 2019


Looks like I don’t actually know the historical past of Dinosaurs.🤔🤭@Dope007 one yr in the past: pic.twitter.com/D48mJWZxrd

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 5, 2019


2 years in the past Chevy Bolt had a sluggish begin, selling about 6000 automobiles in its first 6 months in US. Luckily @markbspiegel had an evidence for these small numbers.🤭 pic.twitter.com/rdfZEtmYkd

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 1, 2019

THIS DAY IN $TSLAQ HISTORY:@markbspiegel comparing Model three and Bolt two years in the past: pic.twitter.com/lDMUfv5ZU0

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 29, 2019


Let’s see how horrible the yr has been for Tesla Model 3…$TSLAQ pic.twitter.com/0PXDo5S9AB

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 4, 2019

Horrible!!! pic.twitter.com/vKeZToiieq

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 4, 2019


One yr in the past @NetflixAndLamp made a prediction. Tesla tax credit being gone, Huyndai Kona would do loads of injury to Tesla in the decrease end of EV market.


— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June four, 2019

…OR NOT…🤦‍♂️
91 Kona sales in Might… are you 🤬 kidding me!!! pic.twitter.com/MZ5Msjc8pn

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June four, 2019


It wasn’t the Teslemmings who obtained the rude awakening.🤭
Hyundai has bought 103 Ioniqs in US this yr from Jan to [email protected] 2 years ago discussing how Tesla is affected when full tax credit expires: pic.twitter.com/ihgibDKbJt

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 2, 2019

Might 2019 update.

Let’s see what kind of a massacre the Tesla Killers induced final month…

…Oh come on! Not once more Tesla Killers!?!? That is no massacre, more like bubble tub.🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/q4JubPCgVd

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June four, 2019


Waiting for the EV worth wars is like waiting for the subsequent star wars movie. It feels like it’s taking [email protected] 3 years ago: pic.twitter.com/hGGsSFWCd4

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 26, 2019


Eternally… six months… what’s the difference!🤷‍♂️@WPipperger one yr ago: pic.twitter.com/C5qJsXnroY

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 30, 2019


Thanks for the warning @markbspiegel from one yr in the past.🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/GJtYnHyzk9

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 30, 2019

Like clockwork, every quarter:
Q3: M̵̵̵a̵̵̵r̵̵̵okay̵̵̵ ̵̵̵m̵̵̵y̵̵̵ ̵̵̵w̵̵̵o̵̵̵r̵̵̵d̵̵̵s̵̵̵,̵̵̵ ̵̵̵b̵̵̵a̵̵̵n̵̵̵okay̵̵̵w̵u̵̵̵p̵̵̵t̵̵̵ ̵̵̵Q̵̵̵4̵̵̵
This fall: B̵a̵n̵okay̵w̵u̵p̵t̵ ̵Q̵1̵
Q1 ’19: B̵a̵n̵okay̵r̵u̵p̵t̵ ̵n̵e̵x̵t̵ ̵q̵u̵a̵r̵t̵e̵r̵
Q2 ’19: Def bankwupt Q3
Nope. Simply nope. pic.twitter.com/giZ1xP8v6Q

— Bonnie Norman (@bonnienorman) June 6, 2019

Over 11 years, the anti-Tesla disinformation campaign has remained the same.

Four models (w/more within the pipeline), glowing evaluations, lots of of hundreds of gross sales/adoring house owners, and speedy progress later, @Tesla is starting to dominate. $TSLA $TSLAQhttps://t.co/dCAECgS76B

— Alter Viggo (@AlterViggo) Might 19, 2019

THE MUDFACTORY REVISITED$TSLAQ’s specialists on constructing factories had quite a bit to say about Tesla’s Gigafactory 3’s aggressive timeline early this yr. Lately they’ve been very quiet for some cause.🤔
Let’s take a look at few of those older tweets… pic.twitter.com/aTNxeeqKPj

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 2, 2019

January 2/three: pic.twitter.com/vosxWD2N8L

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 2, 2019

January three/three (@commuternyc edition): pic.twitter.com/JnV63dnNJi

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 2, 2019

February: pic.twitter.com/exJIsHyU0a

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) June 2, 2019

The video you see of @lopezlinette within the corner was revealed on March 11.

The larger video was taken Might 31 — just 12 weeks later.

Once you discover the same reporters and critics have been mistaken about Tesla for years, you’ll be able to ignore them. They’ve 0 credibility left. pic.twitter.com/anvHDc355o

— Steve Jobs (@tesla_truth) June 3, 2019

The one factor $TSLA shorts are really good at is shifting the aim publish. And their blind hatred of Tesla means they’ve to try this rather a lot. $TSLAQ https://t.co/Cz2YtRHhDB

— Alter Viggo (@AlterViggo) Might 30, 2019


Does Jim Chanos actually anticipate the world to consider Wall St. has been expecting document @Tesla deliveries in parallel with their “growth story over” media assault?

No. He’s just one of many anti-EV #MerchantsofDoubt spreading disinformation with no backing supply.$TSLA pic.twitter.com/9BTQD3Uiu0

— Alter Viggo (@AlterViggo) Might 28, 2019


Last yr on this present day, that felony, who runs over individuals together with his dad’s automotive, spent 2 hours watching a truck at Tesla parking zone. Good job!👍
Hopefully no one acquired harm that time. pic.twitter.com/iiJ76kNT3c

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 24, 2019


— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 20, 2019


Hey @markbspiegel , I have a response for you… pic.twitter.com/VwzPtsIwnq

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 20, 2019


In the present day I discovered from a battery professional that Li-Ion batteries are usually not commercially aggressive.🤔@markbspiegel four years in the past: pic.twitter.com/wejBhBbn3A

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 21, 2019

oh whaaaaat $TSLAQ was mistaken once more

even a broken clock is true twice a day… impressive consistency of their inaccurate predictions pic.twitter.com/tztL26NvaY

— Steve Jobs (@tesla_truth) June 2, 2019

Here’s @cleantechnica ‘s comparability from yesterday:
🤭 pic.twitter.com/3Gl4bGcBUV

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 23, 2019

Years you say?🤣@librab103 one yr in the past: pic.twitter.com/hf2W5Hg6Oo

— The Short Shorts Historian (@TeslaHistorian) Might 23, 2019

And then there are these two, utterly incorrect forecasts from Volkswagen that these similar critics never deliver up:

Thanks. Can be cool if any person can draw comparison between “Elontime” and other OEM’s time.
Some information on Audi timescale for these within the subject:https://t.co/DiN2ZDKwyE pic.twitter.com/EkZI5dpmLt

— Vladimir Grinshpun (@VGrinshpun) June 5, 2019

Retweeting the #1 [email protected] Marvel how different (learn: “real”) automotive corporations do on their targets?

“Volkswagen Plans to Promote 300,000 Electric Automobiles a Yr by 2018″https://t.co/LbtijIBPd9

— Groggy T. Bear (@GroggyTBear) June 3, 2019

And we’ll end with these:

At a time when the media must be cheering on the electric automotive revolution, they choose to give attention to tearing down Tesla as an alternative.


— Steve Jobs (@tesla_truth) June 6, 2019

I purchased a @Tesla #Model3 Performance because it seems it’s approach cheaper than shopping for my own rollercoaster. 🤷‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/Wf8ZNLHr02

— Alex Gayer (@alex_gayer) June 3, 2019

Had a blast yesterday pulling our @Tesla Mannequin three forward with Summon at our lunch restaurant yesterday as literally everyone in the restaurant gawked on the automotive driving itself. #TheFutureIsNow #GetWoke

— Kyle Subject (@mrkylefield) June 3, 2019

The U.S. ICE auto business had a 78-day provide of unsold automobiles & vans as of Might 1, up from 70 days. A 60-day provide is the normal benchmark.

This represents about 1m unsold automobiles & 3m unsold pickups, SUVs, crossovers & minivans.#TeslaWaiting? $TSLAhttps://t.co/R22qYRJYuz

— TeslaOpinion (@TeslaOpinion) June 1, 2019


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 2, 2019

Base on the TSLAQ 🐻🐻’s principle, anyday from yr 2010 might be the day of Tesla chapter.

I’ll wish to congratulate to all $TSLA shareholders & followers, we’ve been through more than 3200+ occasions of bankruptcies & we nonetheless here 😂😂😂

— Vincent (@vincent13031925) June 2, 2019


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